Ristorante Un'Ottima Annata cucina tipica della Lunigiana

Restaurant Un'Ottima AnnataLunigiana - Massa-Carrara

Our restaurant is born from the intent to reclaim the food identity of the land of Lunigiana, its flavors, smells and traditions that are too often forgotten. The kitchen is traditional, homely, made of professionalism and desire to rework the products, without however any bizarreness, in the absolute conviction that respecting the past is building the future.

Ristorante Un'Ottima Annata Lunigiana typical local cuisine
Ristorante Un'Ottima Annata Lunigiana typical local cuisine
Ristorante Un'Ottima Annata Lunigiana typical local cuisine

So traditional and original recipes, a meeting between fantasy and typicality with high quality food products from small local companies, in line with the short chain system.

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Cena di San Valentino 2020

San Valentino 2020

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In addition to the restaurant, our magnificent farmhouse offers beautiful and comfortable rooms.

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  • Selection of salumi and cheese with fried bread
    € 12 - 2 pax. / € 24 - 4 pax.

  • Yellow pumpkin soup with ricotta flakes
    € 7

  • Pea bavarian cream with crispy pig cheek
    € 7

  • Beef tartare
    € 13

    First Course

  • Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms
    € 14

  • Ravioli with codfish and fish ragu
    € 12

  • Bucatini with tomato,pecorino cheese and pig cheek
    € 12

  • Spaghetti cabonara with crispy pig cheek
    € 12

  • Tonnarelli with pecorino cheese and pepper
    € 12

  • Vegetable toscan soup
    € 10

    Second Course

  • Pork loin with prosciutto crudo
    € 16

  • Sliced beef with red radish pesto and almonds
    € 18

  • Beef sirloin with porcini mushrooms
    € 18

  • Lamb chops
    € 16

  • Codfish with polenta and chickpea cream
    € 16


  • White chocolate cream and rum
    € 6

  • Puff pastry basket with pears in red wine and cinnamon cream
    € 6.50

  • Tiramisu
    € 5.50

  • Biscuit plateau with liqueur wine
    € 8

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Opening Hours

  • Only dinner
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    19.00 - 22.30

  • Lunch & dinner
    12.00 - 14.30 | 19.30 - 22.30

(Possibility of opening for lunch from Monday to Friday
on request for groups of a minimum 10 pp)

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